Meteorite in Giardino | 10.7.2018_ Erika Di Crescenzo and Mario Caroli 10.07.2018 | 10.07.2018

Tuesday 10 July at 9pm

Mario Caroli, flute

Erika Di Crescenzo, choreography and dance


  1. Debussy, Syrinx
  2. Rotaru, Jyotis
  3. Jolivet, Incantation nr.4 – Pour une communion sereine de l’être avec le monde
  4. Sciarrino, Canzona di ringraziamento
  5. Varese, Density 21.5


A dialogue for two involving music and dance: thin filigrees are refracted among the scores by Sciarrino and Debussy, in the sound of an internationally acclaimed flutist, and the choreography, specifically created and performed by a young and brilliant Torino dancer staging “the nonsense,” the playful crumpling of words and gestures, thus opening up to ever new alchemies.