Meteorite in Giardino 11

Meteorite in Giardino 11 14.06.2019 | 04.07.2019

Art and Music Summer Show

14|19|27 June e 4 July 2019 ore 21.30

curated by Maria Centonze and Willy Merz

Free Admission

with Michele Tiberio | Invernomuto | Alessandro Librio | Sergio Azzolini | Diego Chenna | Diego Cantalupi | Francesco Galligioni | Hernán Pitto Bellocchio | Enrico Bronzi | Francesca Sperandeo


The twelfth edition of the visual arts and music programming Meteorite in Giardino curated by Maria Centonze and Willy Merz opens on June 14, with a series of 4 shows to be held in the outdoor space of Fondazione Merz.

The cycle of events—titled after one of Mario Merz’s work from 1976—features some prestigious names in the fields of art and classical music: they have been invited to collaborate and create exceptional shows and find correspondence between the different art forms. The audience will have to chance to enjoy music scores by great classical composers, combined with installations and performances by contemporary artists.

Works by artists Michele Tiberio, Alessandro Librio, Invernomuto and Hernán Pitto Bellocchio —presented throughout this edition of music and art summer events—will be on display until 6 October 2019)…


14 June at 9.30 pm
Michele Tiberio “Indivisibile sei dall’ombra, a meno che di notte, a meno che sott’acqua”
Sergio Azzolini, bassoon – Diego Chenna,bassoon – Diego Cantalupi, tiorba – Francesco Galligioni, cello

19 June at 9.30 pm
Alessandro Librio “Zefir-0”

27 June at 9.30 pm
Invernomuto “Black Med”

4 July at 9.30 pm
Hernán Pitto Bellocchio “Host specific”
Enrico Bronzi, cello – Francesca Sperandeo, piano