Meteorite in giardino 2009, Zena el Khalil

Meteorite in giardino 2009, Zena el Khalil 29.07.2009 | 29.07.2009

A’Salaam Alaykum: Peace be upon you
Zena el Khalil
with Ayla Hibri

Tuesday, July 28 2009 at 9.30 pm

The event is part of the exhibition METEORITE IN GIARDINO (Meteorite in the Garden)
Curated by Maria Centonze

A’Salaam Alaykum: Peace be upon you is the third of the four events that feature in Meteorite in Giardino, a visual arts exhibition curated by Maria Centonze and titled after a work by Mario Merz, dated 1976.
The “basin” outside the Fondazione – which is the space that was used as a container for the tanks of the former heating plant – will host a cycle of installations. Each one will be on show until the following event, with the usual opening hours of the Fondazione, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Through her work A’Salaam Alaykum: Peace be upon you, the artist portrays a generation living with war as a constant memory, always aware that it might start again any time, but still longing for peace, hoping to get back to normality.

The foreground displays the word “Allah” in Arabic letters: a 3.80-meter-tall sign made of glass mirror tiles that reflect the lights from the spot lights placed on the borders of the Fondazione’s outer basin.

The installation includes a dj set by Ayla Hibri, who recreates the atmosphere of the Beirut nightclubbing scene, and is completed by a screen projection of conventional images celebrating everyday life.

Visitors may take part in the performance, dancing as if they were in a real disco.

The installation is realized in collaboration with the Galerie Tanit in Munich and Beirut.

Admission is free of charge.

The installation will be on show until August 2.