Meteorite in Giardino | 29.6.2018_ Ignazio Mortellaro, Martin Münch e Massimiliano Gènot 29.06.2018 | 29.06.2018

29 June at 9 pm – free admission

Fondazione Merz, Via Limone 24 Torino

Martin Münch, piano
Massimiliano Génot, piano
Ignazio Mortellaro, Ttzitz chu’i, la serpe acquaiola (2018) site specific installation


Water definitely plays the main role of this evening: a piano recital presenting some French masterpieces such as Ravel’s Jeux d’eau and Debussy’s Reflets, together with the Italian premiere of works with Münch as both composer and pianist.
Accompanying visitors as they enter, is the brass installation by Ignazio Mortellaro, who uses the alchemical gold as an image of the concrete thinking which supports the flowing of events.
The title, in Pueblo language, means water serpent; yet another alchemic allusion.


Martin Münch, piano

  1. Ravel, Jeux d’eau
  2. Scriabin, Deux Poèmes op. 32
  3. Debussy, Reflets dans l’eau
  4. Münch, Valses sentimentales op. 48
  5. Münch, Favole ed arabeschi op. 32
  6. Debussy, L’isle joyeuse
  7. Scriabin, Deux Poèmes op. 71
  8. Ravel, La Valse

Massimiliano Génot, piano

  1. Debussy, da Six épigraphes antiques: I. Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d’été
  2. Merz, da Argonautika: Così un dolce inganno pose Afrodite (arrangiamento per piano solo di M. Génot) Prima esecuzione assoluta
  3. Szymanowsky, da Métopes: Calypso


with rhe support: Regione Piemonte e Compagnia di San Paolo

thanks to: Piatino Pianoforti e Birra Menabrea