Superbudda, RETROAZIONE – installation and performance

Superbudda, RETROAZIONE – installation and performance 11.09.2018 | 11.09.2018

RETROAZIONE – installation and performance

11 September 2018 at 7 pm

RETROAZIONE is a project by the Turin based multimedia collective Superbudda supported by Compagnia San Paolo within the ‘Ora!’ Call for artists curated by Olga Gambari.

It is an immersive installation where sound and images interact with the audience in a visionary and engaging way. It features a co-created animation with the audiovisual content that visitors will provide using their smartphones, and that will be filtered through a music score and visual morphing.

The evening of September 11 will host a performance which will turn the square in front of the Fondazione into a large installation, where the artists will interact with a series of other artists-specifically involved for the occasion-creating a choral live show.