Talk with artist Fatma Bucak @Salone del Libro 2017

Talk with artist Fatma Bucak @Salone del Libro 2017 21.05.2017 | 21.05.2017

L’arte come forza di trasformazione. Artisti e attivismo.
Talk with Fatma Bucak, Lisa Parola and Paola Caridi

Sunday 21 May at 6pm
Salone del Libro 2017, Arena Piemonte

The hopefulmonster publisher and Fondazione Merz propose a talk with young Turkish artist Fatma Bucak in dialogue with journalist and essayist Paola Caridi and art historian Lisa Parola. The event is in collaboration with Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte.

Fatma Bucak
Born in Iskenderun, on the Turkish–Syrian border, Fatma Bucak studied Philosophy in Istanbul University and History of Art and Etching in Italy at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, before completing an MA in
Photography at the Royal College of Art, London. Her works in performance, photography, sound, and video
center on political identity, religious mythology, and landscape as a space of historical renegotiation.

Paola Caridi
Journalist, born in Rome in 1961, Paola Caridi is a founding member of the News Agency “Lettera22” and is currently working for national and local Italian newspaper. PhD in History of International Relations, she is specialised on Middle East and Northern Africa region.