The library of the Fondazione Merz is specialised in the history and criticism of modern and contemporary art and is flanked by the Merz archive, which collects writings relevant to the work of the artist. Both are directed towards a specialist public of scholars and students.

The patrimony of the library, made up of 4000 documents between books and pamphlets, includes the acquisition of the collection of the collector and scholar Marcello Levi, gifts, exchanges and other acquisitions.

The patrimony of the Merz archive consists of about 1000 volumes between critical works and catalogues of solo and group shows. The catalogue can be accessed from the web sites of the OPAC of the Polo Regionale Librinlinea and of the OPAC SBN.

Public services

Readers may consult the volumes arranged on open bookshelves, carry out bibliographic research and consult on-line catalogues from the multimedia stations available. It is possible to make photocopies and scans for study, research and teaching activities (according to L.S. 248/2000 regarding the reproduction of works). External loans are not permitted.


The library is open from Tuesday to Friday and every first Saturday of the month, from 2 to 6 pm.

The library will be closed from 1st to 30th August. It will open to the public on August 31.

For specific research needs please call or write to

Phone: + 39.011.19719437

Fax:  +39.011.19719805

Librarian: Nadia Zito