Zena el Khalil Beirut, I Love You – A Work in Progress

Zena el Khalil Beirut, I Love You – A Work in Progress 09.11.2012 | 06.01.2013

The video installation Beirut, I Love You – A work in Progress by Artist Zena el Khalil in collaboration with Director Gigi Roccati, has been included in Artissima’s project It’s Not the End of the World and will be shown at the Fondazione Merz from November 9 to January 6, 2013.

Their collaboration stems from a three year journey of the adaptation of el Khalil’s memoir published in 2008 into a full length feature film, to be directed by Roccati. The video they are presenting at the Fondazione Merz is rooted in el Khalil’s poetry reflecting Artissima’s theme this year, through a visual diary composed by home footage, documentary images and scenes shot between Beirut and New York City.

The video compliments the multi-faceted nature of the Beirut, I Love You project- which will include a diverse cross media platform, including a highly interactive website and traveling exhibitions. The videoexplores a universal story of the love between two best friends set against the backdrop of war and present day global conflicts. In an act of resistance, Zena tells the story of her best friend Maya, that she lost soon after the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon ended. In an attempt to create a bridge betweenEast and West, Zena claims love over hate and hope over loss, through her unique and humane perspective of the Middle East today.

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