Marzia Migliora, Ink on paper

The artist’s book includes 138 drawings done by Marzia Migliora between 2006 and 2008.

The title Ink on paper precisely indicates the content of the volume, in which a limited choice of two colours – red and black – defines the guiding thread that accompanies a voyage through images, without the help of the written word. The book contains neither critical apparatus nor texts, a choice specifically made to highlight the expressive and evocative freeness inherent in the language of drawing. The sequence of drawings traces a narrative thread that is built up under the eyes of the spectator without imposing any predestined reading.

The book is divided into six projects spaced by a blank page, a pause, a breath to lead the eye to another place. The subjects represented move from woods to the high seas, from domestic interiors to spaces in which undefined edges show subjects floating on the white of the paper, in the void; this, too, takes shape and becomes a consistent physical space, a place.

For Marzia Migliora drawing is an act of discovery, a way of looking at her surroundings, a private action closely connected to her own reserve of past observations, the white sheet a condition of being, the area in which a situation can be born and can be made aware.

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