Mario Merz Prize. First Edition

Artists: Lida Abdul, Glenn Ligon, Naeem Mohaiemen, Anri Sala, Wael Shawky
Composers: Paolo Boggio, Arturo Corrales, Vassos Nicolaou, Cyrill Schürch, Vito Žuraj

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the finalists’ exhibition of the First Edition of the Mario Merz Prize, held at the
Fondazione Merz fom January 29 to April 12 2015.
“The International Mario Merz Award was created with the desire to start a new project which through the skills of an extensive
international network of experts, could identify new emerging talent in art and, in parallel, enable young composers to present
themselves with an innovative project of contemporary music.
With this publication we aim to document the final phase of the first edition of the prize, with some pictures of the works exhibited
at the Fondazione Merz in Turin. Since it is impossible to enable the reader to listen to the musical pieces by the five finalist
composers, selected after a difficult and careful consideration of 132 nominations, we invite you to log on to the website where it is
possible to watch and listen to the concert held in the exceptional setting of the Villa della Tesoriera, headquarters of the Biblioteca
Musicale Andrea Della Corte in Turin. An important feature that distinguishes the music section of this award from others is the
decision to conclude the final competition with the execution of the score composed for the occasion in a specific concert and inviting
the public to vote for their favourite composer online, thus enabling it to participate in the selection of the winner. This process has
been adopted also for the art section. The selection of the 512 applications received has made it possible not only to bring five artists
of great stature to the attention of the jury and the public but also, through their contribution, a varied exhibition has been created,
adding impetus to the message launched by the prize. […] In the work of the contributors the prize seeks characteristics of
internationality, generosity of thought, interest in social affairs and innovation. These qualities have been found in the works of Lida
Abdul, Glenn Ligon, Naeem Mohaiemen, Anri Sala, Wael Shawky and in the compositions of Paolo Boggio, Arturo Corrales, Vassos
Nicolaou, Cyrill Schürch and Vito Žuraj.” (Beatrice Merz, Willy Merz)